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Boat Building

We are experienced in building small plywood boats using 'stitch and tape' methods. This system produces very strong and lightweight craft which, depending on the design, are excellent for yacht tenders, fishing, sailing or just pottering about.


This little boat was built for a gentleman on the West Coast of Scotland who wanted an
inexpensive but robust car topable boat
to use as a tender.


The boat on the right is a 14ft Storm Petrel built from a kit by Swallow Boats. See the 'boats for Sale ' page for more details

We built the kayak in the picture below some years ago to sell, but then I put it in the water...... much too much fun to sell it! I could build you one for around £600.


The 10 foot Coble shown in the picture below was built for stock but has since been sold. However, this is a very successful boat and there are several similar designs available.

For more details see page 4.

Click here for more about the coble.


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